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"F.A.BU.L.A - Financial And Business Learning Activities"


The project "F.A.BU.L.A - Financial And Business Learning Activities" aims to involve, motivate and promote entrepreneurship and financial literacy among primary school children.

It proposes an integrated, interactive and interdisciplinary teaching model that breaks with the complex, elitist and decontextualised idea of finance. To this end, the project offers learning methods, tools and daily life situations that favour the development of entrepreneurial skills and financial knowledge of children in 4th and 5th grades of Primary Education.




The main objectives of the Learning by Playing project are to create new didactic resources of exercises based on the games of Chess and Word Find. These exercises are adapted to an ICT format to effectively contribute to the acquisition of key skills in children aged 4-11, in accordance with the established curriculum for Mathematics and Language.

These exercises have an interactive audiovisual format, of a playful nature, so that the student can assimilate and acquire the projected skills while playing, interacting with the resource with the help of the teacher.

The resource is suitable for use through electronic media such as PCs and electronic whiteboards, with a software format. The game is presented in the 3 languages of the association: Spanish, Italian and English. It has a User's Guide, or teacher's guide, which is part of this intellectual result of the project.




The MODATOP project aims to bring together vocational training centres and companies in the textile and fashion sector, in order to promote quality employment and competitiveness in this economic sector.

The results of the project are mainly twofold. The first one, a recommendation guide for teachers and tutors to support students' practical experiences in companies, as part of the vocational training systems. The second is an online recognition tool that allows for the recognition of learning outcomes obtained in the practical phase of training, in cooperation with VET schools.

The project will be based on the educational frameworks of the participating countries that incorporate practical training sessions in companies, in order to compare the resources and methods used in vocational schools and in companies in the textile sector, which help the training efforts of teachers and tutors in practical training sessions.

CONFYE Project


The CONFYE (Clothing and Employment) project aims to bring together vocational training centres and companies in the textile and fashion sector, in order to promote quality employment and competitiveness in this economic sector.

The result of the project, is a MOOC course of vocational guidance and entrepreneurship, which will help the final projects of the cycle, of the groups of VET students from the different countries, to show their competences and skills to the companies of the sector. This course is expected to strengthen their chances of finding a job or starting their own business.

The MOOC aims to provide useful training resources for teachers and students and to facilitate the development of students' projects. These students' projects will be related to the theme of Fashion and will contribute through it to the promotion of cultural heritage.


Project L.I.N.C.E


The project "L.I.N.C.E - Learning Initiatives in Civic Environments" aims to encourage relationships between VET schools and institutions to promote the employability of students.

As results of the project, we can consider two mainly. The first one is a set of audiovisual products created by VET students from the higher cycle of 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments, following the ABP methodology, which will be disseminated as open resources at European level.

The second result aims to practically illustrate the methodology in order to allow its transfer to the educational curriculum of the participating VET schools and to extend it to other schools.

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